Dragon Aglia Classic Spinner

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Technical features:¬†spinners with very broad pallets in “Aglia” standard. Balanced, brass body and quite big starters. Whirling pallet generates a strong hydro acoustic wave in wide speed range of bait leading. All elements of spoon are protected from corrosion. Wide variety of colouring.

Purpose: universal spinner for any predator fishing. Very efficient when fishing perch, pike, trout, ide, chub and grayling. 7 and 10 grams models with red and silver or red and gold wing (13-03) are used as baits for perch and pike in lakes and dams in summer and early autumn. 3 grams model with gold pallet in black spots (13-04) is good for chub.

Spinners Dragon Aglia-Classic weight:
“4” – 10 g,
“3” – 7 g,
“2” – 5 g,
“1” – 3 g,
“0”- 2 g.

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13-01 Silver Holo. & Red, 13-04 Gold & Black Spot, 13-05 Copper & Yellow Spot, 13-24 Silver & Red Stripe


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