Dragon CXT Micro Special Rod

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The CXT series is a continuation of the Japanese direction at the Dragon company. In cooperation with the factory, already known to the Polish anglers as a manufacturer of the MODERATE rods, the X-Cross CGT technology was successfully adopted, being later on the basis for manufacturing serial rods.

CXT – is a name of a new method of production and at the same time of a unique arrangement of the graphite mats in the blank. Like in X-Cross CGT, separate layers are oriented alternately at right angles or at an angle of 45° to the blank axis. The effect is blanks with still small diameter and weight, obtaining at the same time marked increase in strength for longitudinal static (approx. 30%) and dynamic (approx. 10%) overloading, considerably more resistant to the so-called external mechanical injuries while offering more progressive action and better casting properties.

Main assumptions of this series are:
diversity of action – from medium slow to extra fast;
slender blanks with quite thick walls, but with the internal hole smaller than normally;
easiness to cast light and medium-heavy lures;
complete deflection under load, giving confident pulling on with a very small percentage of fish being lost;
construction of the blanks adjusted to the market needs of Poland and Europe, but strongly dependent on trends which are currently prevailing on the Japanese market.

The CXT series finishing components are:
Fuji Alconite K-Series (FC-X, SF-X, MS-X) and SiC (LC-X, CF-X) guides;
Fuji PTS and TVS reel seats in the FC-X series and IPS and PTS type seats in other series;
the so-called rubber cork – a very durable material combining cork and hard rubber;
highest class EVA hard foam;
aluminium, anodal elements of the handle;
Gudebrod threads;
Trondak lacquer.

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