Dragon Nanolite EVO Air Spin

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NANO LITE EVO spinning rods are being constructed from the newest graphite prepregs from the Japanese TORAY company – from carbon fibers with very precise molecular structure. The smaller carbon particles of the prepreg allowed it to reduce its thickness while maintaining all operational parameters.

Main features of NanoLITE series:
– low weight of blank and whole the rod;
– strong, progressive blank bend under loading what guarantee comfortable fight;
– blanks with sides of standard thickness, but smaller outside diameter;
– easy castings with extremely light lures;
– standard sensitiveness of the tip.

Thanks to the use of nanotechnology the blanks from the series:
– have smaller diameter;
– weight less than those of similar strength and length “traditional” ones;
– their individual layers adhere perfectly to each other;
– they contain less epoxy resin, without using CGT technology;
– they are more repeatable in mass production;
– they have less so called hidden defects;
– with low weight and fast action, they are made from less stiff prepregs than similar “traditional” rods

In NanoLITE blanks TORAY company prepregs were used:
– high module graphite 46 mln PSI as a basic construction material;
– high module graphite 36 mln PSI in outer layers;
– strength graphite 30 mln PSI in the czore and the main part of blank.

Finishing components of NanoLITE series are:
– Titanium SiC guides with superlight but very strong frames;
– SK2 reel handle;
– the highest quality tough and light EVA foam;
– two-component, not aging epoxy TRONDAK varnish;
– Gudebrod threads.

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Spinn 16 7 ft 4-16gram Fast action Light Power, Spinn 10 6'6 ft 1-10gram Medium Fast Action Ultra light Action


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