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Extreme tippet material has been in our repertoire for ages as there is always a need for slightly stiffer tippet, for example when fishing with big and heavy flies. However, this year we wanted to give it a proper face-lift and improve it to meet modern standards regarding material and manufacturing processes. Hence, we are proud to launch our new Extreme+ tippet material, which is even better than the legendary Extreme. This fluorocarbon coated monofilament family consists of 16 products from an extremely thin 8X all the way up to 0.50mm heavy-duty line suitable even for the biggest salmon in tough conditions. Extreme+, like all other Vision tippet materials, comes in snap together & rotate spools.




Item      Diameter             Length  Strength              Item #

0X           0.28mm                50m       6.3kg / 14lb         VER0

1X           0.26mm                50m       5.0kg / 11lb         VER1

2X           0.22mm                50m       4.4kg / 10lb         VER2

3X           0.20mm                50m       3.7kg / 8.1lb       VER3

4X           0.18mm                50m       3.0kg / 6lb           VER4

5X           0.16mm                50m       2.4kg / 5lb           VER5

6X           0.14mm                50m       1.9kg / 4lb           VER6

7X           0.12mm                50m       1.6kg / 3.5lb       VER7

8X           0.10mm                50m       1.2kg / 2.5lb       VER8

0.30        0.30mm                50m       7.8kg /17lb          VER30

0.32        0.32mm                50m       8.5kg / 19lb         VER32

0.35        0.35mm                50m       11.0kg / 24.5lb   VER35

0.38        0.38mm                50m       12.9kg / 28.5lb   VER38

0.40        0.40mm                30m       13.9kg / 31lb      VER40

0.45        0.45mm                30m       16.7kg / 37lb      VER45

0.50        0.50mm                30m       19.6kg / 42lb      VER50

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0X, 1X, 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X, 6X, 7X, 8X


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