Lightning Staysee 90SP

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The Staysee was produced to creep towards bass with a pumping retrieve, pausing for a long time to irritate them during the spawning season when females are still protecting their bed.

The suitability of the Staysee for slow fishing achieved by a pumping retrieve comes from the tight rolling action produced from the beautiful body shape and lip angle.

Only the Staysee makes it possible to get close to and attract bass in medium shallow water without causing alarm through its detailed vibration and biomechanical movement.

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  • Length:3-1/2″(90mm)
  • Weight: 7/16oz (12.5g)
  • Depth: 9-10 ft
  • Hook Size: VMC #6, #6

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Flake Flake Golden Sunfish, Ghost Minnow, Chartreuse Shad, BE Gill


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