Onki 110

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ONKI 110

The Onki is an all-round range of fly lines constructed using the latest technology for excellent turnover and presentation at any distance. With twin colors, the head is 11 metres long with a smooth user-friendly taper that is ideal for beginners and experienced anglers. The welded front loop makes for quick and easy leader attachment. The high buoyancy floating lines ensure long drifts and easy mending. The sink tip lines have a smooth transition for good casting and sub-surface line control. Phthalate free.




WF3 Floating

WF4 Floating

WF5 Floating

WF6 Floating

WF7 Floating

WF5 10ft Sink3 tip

WF6 10ft Sink3 tip

WF7 10ft Sink3 tip

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WF3 Floating, WF4 Floating, WF5 Floating, WF6 Floating, WF7 Floating, WF5 10ft Sink 3 tip, WF6 10ft Sink 3 tip, WF7 10ft Sink 3 tip


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