Salmo Hornet

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From the moment it was introduced to the Salmo family it has been the absolute best seller.

The perfect combination of construction and balance creates an incredible action that fish find it irresistible. If you are looking for a lure that can catch anything that swims in the water then HORNET is your best choice!

The sinking version of this classic lure is perfect for deeper water marks, when you need to get the lure down to feeding fish.



We have taken what many consider to be one of the best crankbaits in the world and improved it by adding a rattle!

You can expect the same effectiveness and a strong action of the original HORNET but with the addition of fish attracting sound.

The built in rattle and long cast SICS system are attributes that make this crankbait a universal, multi-purpose weapon that can be used to catch all predatory fish.

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3 Sink, 3 Floating, 3.5 Floating, 3.5 Sink, 4 Floating, 3.5 Floating (Rattlin), 4.5 Floating (Rattlin), 4.5 Shallow (Rattlin), 5.5 Floating (Rattlin), 3.5 Shallow (Rattlin), 2.5 Sink, 6.5 Floating (Rattlin)


Yellow Holo. Perch, Gold Fluo Perch, Real Cockchafer, Green Tiger, Silver Holo. Shad, Supernatural Perch, Hot Perch, Chartreuse Blue, Sexy Shad, Holo Bleak, Holo Grey Shiner, Holo Real Dace, Firebug, Bright Beetle, UV Purple, Black Tiger, Red Crawdad, Real Identity Perch, Mirror Carp, Holo Red Perch, Beetle, Real Dace, Holographic Grey Shiner, Clear Young Perch, Clear Bleeding Craw, Ghost Perch, Silver Holo Shad, Brown Trout


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