Salmo Minnow

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Despite the fact that this is one of the oldest lures in the Salmo family, a lot of anglers are still mesmerized by this classic lure.

It is characterized by fairly narrow and high frequency action and is a universal lure that can be fished in many ways to suit your preference.


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Ideal for catching all predatory fish, in all kinds of habitats, the MINNOW is available in floating, sinking and also a Super Deep Runner model for trolling.

  • The perfect lure for targeting all predators including Yellowfish, Kurper and Bass.
  • Can be straight retrieved or twitched back to the bank
  • Profile mimics small bait fish found in all types of venues
  • Built in long cast system
  • WEIGHT: 6G 3/16OZ – DIVING DEPTH: 1/1,5M – 3,5/5FT

Salmo Slick Stick 6


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5cm Sinking, 7cm Floating


Minnow, Holo Real Minnow, Holo Bleak, Spirlin, Olive Bleak


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